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Helloooo? Anyone around these parts? I'm still here. Sort of. But mostly I'm on tumblr. I'm teffy over there too. Pretty much everywhere. You can't get rid of me.
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I just finished watching Justified. Like I seriously mainlined that show for the last two weeks. I am caught up on all my other shows. Soooo...what should i be watching now? I want something I can get immersed in again. And if you suggest something I already watch I will just bounce and squee about it with you. :D
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They Say It's Your Birthday - Supernatural (Sam/Dean) - R

They Say It's Your Birthday
It's Dean's first birthday after coming back from hell. Fluff, with a smidge of angst, and lots of porn and brotherly schmoop.

Written for grayscaled sorry so late dear! I've had the past two weeks from hell! But I worked hard to get this done for you. I hope you enjoy!

( So you're glad it's your birthday now? )
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Just Hurry Up and Wait- Dean/Izzie/Sam - R

Just Hurry Up and Wait
Grey's Anatomy/Supernatural AU

So over two years ago, I wrote this. A Dean/Izzie/Sam AU that has been pretty much the best example of my writing style, the one I've felt most fulfilled by writing, and the one I think that has had the most feedback. Well, after watching the Grey's from this past week I got inspired again. So here it is. I would recommend reading that one before you read this one. The first one kind of had Izzie's voice and this one is more in Dean's headspace. I plan on writing one with Sammy, but I promise I won't wait 2 years to do it. :)

As for the time line on this I'm not too sure, it follows after my first fic. I've also incorporated things from this season of SPN and this season of Grey's. But yes, it's very much an AU. Enjoy!

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